Alvin Manzano

"The Connector"
Venture Partner

Alvin strives to be a positive influence to all he comes across. He’s a true people-person at his core. Manzano has an extensive career in the retail and customer service sector, specializing in fashion and luxury goods. His ability to anticipate his clients’ needs or wants before they feel them has earned him an enviable client roster.

He has built a significant network of deep and influential relationships. Alvin is well-known for his pristine integrity and doing what’s “right” for his clients and projects. He prides himself in connecting deeply with others and bringing real value in all interactions.

In 2007, he teamed up with Marty to help grow Carbonwolf, Inc. which later spun-off companies such as Carbonwolf Energy and Carbonwolf Trust. He is also the co-founder of Winston Manzano.

Manzano insists on being the “agent-of-change” for many entrepreneurs stuck seeking capital using outdated and antiquated conventional methods. He shows business owners, advisors and conventional bankers that using our digital platform is more efficient, cheaper and dramatically increases their odds of success.

Alvin inspires and motivates people to become the best version of themselves. This philosophy has influenced and continues to influence many more to strive for greatness.

From fashion, luxury goods, property management, and banking from consumer to business. With each stage in his career he is consistently moving forward and more importantly building great relationships along the way. Although he created great connections in banking he came to a Crossroads of integrity realizing it's not right to charge excess in order to have a successful month, because one or many successful months will never equal becoming wealthy long-term. Realizing this, in 2007 he teamed up with Marty, having the same beliefs of putting the customers and their business needs first. With Marty creating the idea of Carbonwolf, Carbonwolf Energy and today Carbonwolf Trust, they created the most cost effective and transparent way to aline businesses with solutions. It is exciting to go live with what has been in the making for so long. 

Manzano genuinely enjoys spending his free time with his family and friends. His passions include a deep love of fashion, music and quality single malt scotch. Alvin hopes to inspire and motivate as many people as possible to become the best versions of themselves.


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