Why We Do This

We are driven. We are committed. And, we need you to be if we work together.


We seek status-quo-challenging projects by rabble-rousers past the proof of concept stage.

We want to change the world.

And, we're doing just that by funding and investing in leading-edge technology, cleantech and space-exploration companies. We like the relentless underdog. We like gutsy bold moves. We like rabble-rousers.

Successful entrepreneurs are a special breed. They take the big risks, the hard hits, and make heart-heavy sacrifices. Frequently, everything they’ve built up to that point is at risk: reputation, finances and emotional well-being - at minimum. Entrepreneurs do this because of their largely unshakable belief in what they do. It is because of this belief that they invest all of their time, energy and resources in expectation of their business finally rewarding their unwavering faith. Ironically, it is also due to this mentality that many visionary entrepreneurs wait until nearly all of their precious resources are depleted before seeking out external funding.

At Carbonwolf Energy, we understand this creed. Our key decision-makers have experienced it firsthand -time and time again. We fund companies respectfully -keeping your brain-trust and vision maximized. Contact Us.

We've been collaborating with incredible co-founders and teams since 2009 to challenge the status-quo.

Carbonwolf Energy. We Fund World Changers.


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