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"The Wizard" blends wisdom with tactical leadership to advance multinational corporations or promising startups. His goal: to positively amplify the greatness within the companies he works with.

Andy holds several leadership roles. He is the President of Company Builders (New Mexico), Senior Partner at Santa Fe Consulting Group and CEO of Sky Pilot, a native 3D technology company.

Ruppanner is a seasoned corporate titan having been Vice President at Office Depot, where he led the design and launch of the Tech Depot line of business. Additionally, he was Senior Vice President at IBM, where he directed the field launch of IBM as a services company. Andy also led IBM's Management Development program, launched an Operational Planning Consultancy and held executive positions in Field Engineering, Marketing and Sales.

Andy is a "Patriot" for American businesses, he is an 'in demand' Public Speaker for communicating the role of business as the primary economic engine to grow and develop communities in partnership with education, government and civic entities.

Ruppanner holds an MBA from Emory University and currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his family. Andy’s hobbies include spending time with his family and friends, mentoring status-quo defying Founders and the good life.

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