Why We Do This
"Perfect valor consists in doing without witness all that we should be capable of doing before the whole world." --Francois de La Rochefoucauld, Prince de Marcillac

The World only gets better because of the few who dare to change the entrenched obsolete.

Everyone knew the world was flat... Until it wasn't. This was not a collective and peaceful meeting of the majority minds to arrive at this now provable "theory." It was only through the works, struggles and literal sacrifices of a few catalyst-individuals that society now wholeheartedly benefits from the courageous actions of those fateful few.

There are countless examples of this class of rabble-rouser. In every industry. From every background and walk of life. Once heretical inventions like the airplane to massive-mental-shifts such as: it is, in fact, possible to empower society's destitute were dreamt up by a few people who were destined to swim against the current of the status-quo vox populi. Upstream swimmers like the Wright Brothers, the original Grameen Bank and Nikola Tesla were compelled to push forth against seemingly immovable challenges -regardless of the circumstances.

This compelling inner voice or calling, we believe, lies within every human. The need to improve standards of living for individuals, families, and environments is a common feeling. The yearning to make things better for the next generation is not a new sentiment. The wish to leave the world a better place sounds almost cliché.

For most, the calling is dormant. For the few lucky or unlucky ones, dependent on your point of view, the calling is not dormant... It is enflamed. Why do we do this? Because our inner calling has been, and is now, on fire. We heed the call and actively seek out other souls set ablaze to positively impact the world.

-Marty Aquino

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