CEOs, fast-growing businesses and well-prepared startups turn to Carbonwolf Energy and Carbonwolf Trust when seeking a serious competitive advantage by securing long-view, responsible and custom-fit capital.

Why We Do It

We want to change the world.

And, we're doing just that by funding and investing in leading-edge technology, cleantech and space-exploration companies. We like the relentless underdog. We like gutsy bold moves. We like rabble-rousers.


Smart Business Loans via Carbonwolf Trust

We want to simplify how fast-growing businesses get long-view, responsible funding.

It's personal. When you engage us, we take action as if our livelihood depends on your success.

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Early- to Revenue-Stage Venture Capital

We admire the tenacity and determination early-stage companies have. We've been there. Many times. Carbonwolf Energy supports select, ambitious, pre-revenue and revenue companies past the "proof-of-concept" stage.

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Seed-Stage Venture Capital

Coming Soon!

MFA's Spark List

Marty's personal contribution of weekday motivation for Founders, Startup Leaders and ambitious World-Changers.

Absorb. Apply. Ascend.

Business Loans and Startup Capital Knowledge Center

Frequently asked questions about business loans, venture capital and general business finance.



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The Kingmakers

Passionate leaders, strategists and sherpas

Marty Aquino

Marty Aquino

"the Strategist"

Founder, CEO
Marty raises millions of dollars for technology, cleantech and space-exploration companies. His Learn More...
Andy Ruppanner

Andy Ruppanner

"the Wizard"

Venture Partner
Andy Ruppanner is President of Company Builders and Senior Partner at Santa Fe Consulting. Learn More...
Alvin Manzano

Alvin Manzano

"the Connector"

Venture Partner
Alvin strives to be a positive influence to all he comes across. He’s a true people-person at his core. Learn More...

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"The most successful people in the world help the most people become successful." --MFA

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